Online Upload Instructions

1. Your file needs to be in .WAV or .AIF format.

2. Export your final mixes with identical settings as your project (ex. If your session is 24bit 44khz, export as such). If you’re unsure what this means, just ask your engineer!

3. Keep peaks under -3db. This helps maintain dynamic transients of your audio.

4. Fill out the contact form (if rush is needed, please choose applicable option) and select applicable payment options.

5. Upload your track and receive confirmation email. *

6. Track will be mastered to a 24Bit 44kHz format unless otherwise requested.

7. You will receive a 60 second sample within 5 business days.

8. You will have 24 hours to review your sample. After your 24 hours review period or upon your formal approval, the track will be sent to you in its entirety!

9. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your sample, you can request one revision or a no questions asked refund.

*For a FREE MASTERING SAMPLE, send your files to with “Artist Name” and “Song Title” in “Subject Line”. Your sample master will be delivered within 5 business days.


The Twinjo Hybrid Mastering Process

At Twinjo, we employ a hybrid system utilizing precision digital and analogue tools. Over the years, we’ve compiled a circuit that will maintain dynamic transients while providing warmth, punch and clarity to your audio tracks. In the digital domain, surgical filtering and restoration tasks are performed in-the-box via tools processed and powered by Universal Audio’s UAD DSP technology. With additional conveniences for options like Mid/Side processing, these tools will be implemented before the Digital to Analogue stage (D/A conversion). This ensures the analogue signal converted, maintains access to additional dynamic options. Providing more headroom for your master.

The D/A conversion will be handled by the latest DAC chip on the market from ESS technology. This processor has the ability to convert your digital files accurately from 16 – 32 bit depth accuracy and sample rates scaling from 44.1 – 384kHz. A truly balanced stereo audio path occupying a frequency range of 10Hz  to 100kHz!

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Once converted, carefully selected analogue gear will be utilized to process your audio. Throughout the history of recording, analogue gear has been providing popular characteristics of warmth and punchiness we’ve come to be audibly familiar with and enjoy even by today’s music industry practices. Induction circuits, vacuum tubes and operational amplifiers, among others in this chain, all provide a specifically desirable saturation effect to our audio signal path.

After being processed in the analogue domain, your audio will be captured by modified and enhanced 24bit Analog to Digital converters (A/D Conversion). All while being timed harmonically through an advanced word clock utilizing ultra-low jitter crystal architecture. This ensures the audio will be accurately converted back to the digital domain with dynamic accuracy and clarity efficiently.

Once your mastered audio has been tasked, it is then quality checked by our staff. Once approved by a head engineer, it is then effectively sent off to you the client!

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