Q: What format should my files be delivered in?
A: A stereo file should be bounced down to its original project format settings.

Q: Is it okay if I put a limiter on my mix?
A: It is recommended for limiters or any other finalizing effects be removed for more control of dynamics for your mastering engineer. If this is important to the genre to have these plugins please leave a note to engineer on Getting Started page.

Q: Is there a rush delivery service for my master?
A: When filling out contact form you will be able to choose turnaround time.

Q: What if I need a rush after I’ve already paid?
A: No problem! Just send us an email with a request and we will update your order!

Q: How will I know when my master is done?
A: You will receive an email notification with attached audio or link to download.

Q: What if I am unsatisfied with my sample master?
A: We will make 1 suggested revision. If still not satisfied, you will receive a full refund!