Twinjo is a company established in 2005 that has been in operation for over 10 years. We have always been dedicated to providing quality results with an amazing attention to detail. It is in the DNA of this company to operate in excellence and facilitate an environment of evolution for all involved. That is our mantra. Welcome to your new audio mastering home at Twinjo!

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Ever since a child, Glen would listen to his Mom play records and dance around the house. Even back in the 80’s when everything was vinyl, he understood the magic in the air when music would play. He has always had a deep fascination with how the songs got to sound this way and his passion for understanding music travelled with him throughout his life.

Starting off as a musician, Glen played in various bands as a bass player until he discovered the art of recording. The first studio he worked in was pivotal for Glen as he developed unique listening skills and ability to dissect and compartmentalize music. This ultimately lead to a path of audio engineering.

He has spent his career as an avid student of his trade. As an engineer he’s worked on many different types of projects. Audiobooks, Bands, Film scores, Voice Overdubs, etc.  Although he has successfully run Twinjo for 10 years, he has also worked for companies such as Tommy Boy Records, Atlantic Records, Universal Records, Sony, Murder Inc and many more. He learned early on the structure of the recording industry, but his passion and drive for entrepreneurship has kept Twinjo as his focus.

Glen has worked with a plethora of recording/mastering equipment and prides himself on understanding how to choose the best tools for the job. While he understands the importance of the technical side of audio engineering, he is also deeply committed to the relationships he builds with each artist he works with. Having learned to balance the art and science of music, Glen continues to be one of the most innovative audio engineers in the industry.